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Why Omura?


📱 Mobile Friendly

Connect with free mobile apps for Android and iOS. Encrypt your traffic and guard against interception by third parties. You'll stay connected when switching between cell or wifi networks.

⛔ Ad Blocking

We can automatically block ads, analytics and trackers for you at the network level. It works great on smartphones, and even blocks in-app advertisements. No rooting or jailbreaking required.

💻 Cross Platform

Our service works great on macOS, Linux and Windows too. Connect using free open-source software. You'll be up and running in no time with our Getting Started Guides.

🔒 Privacy First

We don't log your browsing habits or network history. Keep your browsing history and other confidential data safe from hackers, ISPs, rogue network admins and other online snoops by encrypting your network traffic.

⚙ Smart Design

We have fast, reliable servers in datacenters throughout the US, with multiple levels of redundancy so you won’t notice outages. Load-balancing ensures users are automatically routed to available servers.

👍 Personal Support

We're a small business focused on our customers. We'll make sure you're satisified with our service, but if something doesn't work out, you can cancel at any time.


How It Works


✅ 1. Subscribe

Sign up for one of our VPN plans. It takes just a few minutes. We only need an email address and your credit card info. Within a few minutes, we'll activate your account and send your custom configuration profiles by email.

📲 2. Install

Install one of the free OpenVPN apps on any devices you wish to connect to OmuraVPN, then import the configuration profiles we emailed. If you need help with this step, we have friendly Getting Started Guides for every platform.

🚦 3. Connect

Now you're ready to connect. Simply launch the OpenVPN app on your device, select the profile you wish to use (normal or ad-blocking), and connect. The software will keep you connected, even on mobile devices when switching between networks.

🏄 4. Surf

Now you can use your device as normal. All your network traffic will be routed through our secure network. The first hop of your connection is encrypted and secure, even on open wifi or other insecure networks. That's it!